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Welcome to Our Holistic Health Blog: What is Health?

Welcome to our holistic health blog! I have thought about a forum like this for quite some time. I am excited to present it to you now, along with the launch of our brand new LegacyFM website! We’ve made a lot of improvements, including downloadable forms, FAQs and convenient contact information. Our goal as a family practice is to create a source of empowering information for your best health, and that of your family and friends.

What is Health?

Health is a word most often defined by its opposite state: illness. Health means different things for each of us. Enjoying good health is desirable to ALL of us. It is an achievement that you don't notice until it is no longer there.

Are we in poor health when an upper respiratory infection strikes? Sometimes, that stuffy nose, sore throat, and irritating sensation/spasm at the back of your throat is almost impossible to eliminate. Irritating? Yes, but relatively short-lived. Other illnesses do not leave so readily. Musculature, orthopedic, neurological, and psychiatric maladies have "memory". (More on that later, but if you are interested, look up "neuroplasticity" on YouTube or Wikipedia for a preview.)

It could be argued that optimal health is the absence of pain. You could be pain-free despite a devastating illness. But that is not what I am talking about here. I consider optimal health to be a state where you can do the things you want to do. We revere youth for that reason. Musculature and other attractive attributes of youth can quickly fade, and we emerge with more difficulty and more pain. In addition, dreaded illnesses bring disability to the things that you would normally do.

How Do You Achieve Your Best Health?

Health isn't really that hard to promote, but we tend to do things that are ultimately injurious to our state of wellbeing. When “bad habits” are brought up, everybody begins to think about tobacco and alcohol. I would agree, but I would certainly want to go further. Being in optimal health is characterized by vitality and the ability to do what you want, as I have stated. This is where the personal factor comes in. We are not all triathletes, weight lifters, or dancers. However, we can begin to work towards activities and habits which are comfortable for us, and do not promote injury. We can do many things to prevent illness and foster good health.

For example, cancer is the most feared disease in our society. This often silent, insidious progression of abnormal cells slowly drains more nutrients than other cells, and ultimately destroys the very host from whence it came. Our ability to screen for cancers has progressed, but sadly, many people do not take advantage of these beneficial and routine procedures, which are often covered by insurance. In addition, these screenings happen to be less unpleasant than you would think.

And that will be the intent of this blog. I would like to offer written, common sense suggestions aimed at the creation of optimal health and wellness. Consume the information and incorporate those that make sense for you into your daily routine. You will feel better over time and begin to experience True Health. That is the mission of our family health center and our wish for you and your family!

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